construction-industryPHOENIX CONSTRUCŢII carries out several types of works, among which:
1. Urbanisation works: intervention works that comprise the execution of sewerage and water supply networks, connection streets, platforms (concrete, asphalt, paved), parking lots and green spaces;
2. Infrastructures for civil, industrial and agricultural constructions: execution of monolith or pre-fabricated concrete foundations of variable sizes according to the complexity of the works, various types of earthworks, achieved with qualified teams;
3. Any type of construction superstructures: by collaborating with companies specialised in reinforced concrete pre-fabricated constructions or metallic constructions. For the execution of monolith structures, the company is equipped with shuttering systems/DOKA supports;
4. Total or partial demolition works: the company has gained experience through the works involving a high degree of difficulty, through their complexity, as well as the warranty offered to clients following their execution. Difficulties are met in the case of partial demolitions, the intact preservation of the primary structure and the modification of the secondary structure being necessary during the operation. Performing equipment and machinery are necessary for this type of interventions.
5. Road works: the company shall specialise in this field, this representing a future objective, but the company had to adapt to the market requirements in other sectors in the beginning.
6. Consolidation works: generally, the company is specialised, from a technical point of view, in the execution of foundation rehabilitation works, the cleaning/removal of the defects occurred because of the humidity, the improvement of the foundation soil, the rehabilitation of the sewerage.

PHOENIX SERVICII offers consultancy services for the main European fund programs, respectively:
3. THE SECTORIAL OPERATIONAL PROGRAM - The Economic Competitiveness Increase.

PHOENIX ENGINEERING offers design and construction consultancy services, among which we mention:
1. design of civil building structures;
2. design of industrial building structures;
3. design of production halls;
4. design of commercial spaces and office buildings;
5. design of special construction structures (silos, water tanks, special industrial buildings);
6. consultancy in the field of constructions: technical, technological, organisational, managerial, expertise, evaluations, site supervision, etc.;
7. project management: the efficient management of investment processes in the field of constructions, complying with the deadlines, the costs and the limited resources.
For more details on the activity, the specific and the projects of PHOENIX ENGINEERING, please access the company website.


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