Prefabricated hall montage at Real Supermarket Oradea - SC Euro Prefabricate SRL


Date of issue: May 2006 - June 2006
Project value: 45,000.00 €


Expanded built surface: 23,000.00 sm.

Complete execution of the montage in 46 working days.

Casa familiala in regim D+P+2E - ETG SOLLINI Timisoara


Date of issue: August.2012 - Decembrie.2012
Project value: 110,000.00 €


Building a family house with height D+P+2E

Structure resistance in reinforced concrete, brick masonry 30 cm thick,
Reinforced concrete slab, wood framing and attic perimeter

Prefabricated hall montage - Praktiker Shop Baia Mare


Date of issue: Sept. 2006 - Oct. 2006
Project value: 45,000.00 €


Expanded built surface: 3500.00 sm.

Complete execution of the montage in 14 working days.

Infrastructure and superstructure execution of a housing block - SC Pluri Invest SRL


Date of issue: Sept. 2007 - March 2008
Project value: 195,000.00 €


Expanded built surface: 870 sm; 4 levels

Structure of reinforced concrete, with monolith floors.

Design and execution works for the rehabilitation, the fitting of Sinandrei Town Hall

head office, building 2 - Public Fiscal Administration


Date of issue: June 2009 - Oct. 2009
Project value: 260,000.00 €


Expanded built surface of 280 sm
Execution of all the necessary building and isolation works

Fitting of a sports field in Cheveresul Mare locality, Timis county - Children's camp


Date of issue: June 2009 - Sept. 2009
Project value: 40,000.00 €


Execution of multi-sport grass in surface of 704 sm

Execution of resinous wood stands, treated and dressed

Execution of handball goals

Execution of sports field drainage

Execution of floodlit installation


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