Execution of a flower greenhouse with technical and administrative buildings - SC MMS Tivo Invest SRL


Date of issue: June 2007 - Oct. 2007
Project value: 500,000.00 €
Total intervention surface: 10,000.00 sm

Greenhouse built surface: 2100 sm

Technical and administrative spaces surface: 550 sm

All the necessary works associated to a ""turnkey handover" agreement
The architecture and exterior and interior installations.

Execution of all the automations of the greenhouse special systems: automatic closing - opening,

automatic irrigation on
culture tables, foundations and retention basins for irrigation.

Design and execution works for the silos and tubs infrastructure; concrete platforms

Flora Arno, Sagu locality, Arad county


Date of issue: Aug. 2010 - Nov. 2010
Project value: 155,000.00 €


Intervention surface of approx. 1500 sm

Execution of a group of two silos of 1500 tons each, including the associated tubs.

Design and execution works for the modernisation of the Agrozootechnical Farm - SC Field SRL


Date of issue: Feb. 2006 - July 2007
Project value: 1,050,000.00 €
Total intervention surface: approx. 3 ha

Replacement of the covers and pluvial systems of 6 existing halls

Execution of exterior concrete platforms: approx. 5000 sm

Execution of a group of 3 silos with the associated tubs and special constructions

Execution of drainable basins: 3 pieces x 360 cm

Execution of a prefabricated metallic hall for storage, on a surface of 980 sm, including the support walls

Hydrothermal rehabilitation of the administrative spaces
Execution of exterior public works, as well as of a water treatment station;
The rehabilitation of the water installations in the farm, by creating a ring of automatic adaptor groups

Execution of foundations and the montage of a weighbridge - 50 tons.


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