About Us

Berlin Alexanderplatz construction cranesPHOENIX CONSTRUCŢII was set up in 2004, by engineer Cozma Florin-Narcis, from the desire to create a company that operated according to new principles in the field of constructions. Starting from these principles and based on the personal experience, topped up by the quality of a team of experts created in time, Mr Cozma managed in a short time to impose his company on the market, professionally executing the works contracted over the years. Although relatively young, the company has managed to record an on-going ascending line.

The secret is related to the promotion of a system of values:

  • Professionalism: we are pursuing performance through team work and the integrity of the individual. We pay attention to every detail and we follow the procedures in the execution of every construction.
  • Quality: represents the basic value of our company. This motivates us to supply complex and fast services through the technological means that we develop.
  • Initiative: even if each client is unique, we always find solutions for them. That is why, we encourage the initiative and the search for solutions to match the requirements of our clients.
  • Personel and experiences: PHOENIX CONSTRUCŢII has a stable team of workers that are always ready to carry out their activity anywhere is necessary and that are qualified to carry out such works.

Presently, the company is able to offer high experience in the field of constructions, roads, civil and industrial constructions, infrastructure and demolition works. The potential of the company means the technical equipment and the entire personnel coordinated by specialised engineers, certified in the reference fields, in order to obtain the best performance.

PHOENIX CONSTRUCŢII operates in compliance with the "quality policy", having as major objectives the warranty of the works executed and the compliance with the execution works schedule. All these objectives aim at meeting the clients requests, implying the choice of the personnel with professional training, the use of performing equipment and working technique as well as a continuous improvement of the services and of the technology. The company has seen to it that the personnel be very well motivated and have a good professional conduct and behaviour. Moreover, our company is in a continuous improvement process and closely collaborates with architects, designers, structure engineers, suppliers and construction material manufacturers. The company is engaged in a dynamic development process, focused on the building of a system that produces prompt solutions, adapted to the needs of the clients on a long term. The specific of the company resides in the ability to understand the relation with the client not as rigid agreement finalised with a sales-purchase document of a package of services, but as a permanent constructive interface, which transforms the partners into friends and fellow travellers for a long period of time. A content client represents a very good form of promotion. This is probably the explanation for the fact that the majority of new clients contact us due to the recommendation of the company received from old clients. This is something we are proud of, but which makes us very attentive at the same time. 

The proof of what we represent for the construction market is the works carried out over time, the quality of their execution and the compliance with the execution deadlines undertaken according to agreements, representing as well our specific feature. These are, in our opinion, the only ones that speak about what we truly are, beyond words.

With the purpose of offering our clients satisfaction, continuity, as well as complete service packages, we have extended by setting up other two companies:

1. PHOENIX SERVICII: a company that deals with the provision of technical assistance and consultancy services; in order to obtain European non-reimbursable funds.

2. PHOENIX ENGINEERING: having as main activity the general design, to obtain the necessary endorsements for the start of the construction works, the technical assistance for the execution;

The future objectives of the companies are the continuous improvement, gaining and maintaining the clients' confidence, which shall never be neglected.

We thank you for your time and we are available to prove that what we have mentioned above is real and that, beyond the diplomas, our merits shall be acknowledged through the durability of the works, the consistency of the quality and the responsibility.


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